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Welcome to New Day Christian Community Church

  “A Church where Everyone is a Whosoever.”

We are currently having in person services. Please check our Facebook page for updates on services. Services are also being streamed live on Facebook

IMG_7320New Day Christian Community Church online … Located at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountain, in Greer, SC, our church offers a diverse congregation in worship. We are a church for all people, welcoming all, excluding none — just as Jesus Christ did. We hope that you find a blessed spiritual experience here as well as a friendly and loving community of faith within our church. We’re glad you’re here!

New Day CCC – An Independent Christian Church with a heart for the LGBTQ Community and other marginalized folks. 

Our motto is “A Church where Everyone is a Whosoever.”

Sermons Online:

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Our Beliefs

  “A Church where Everyone is a Whosoever.”


Knowledge of God is important to us at New Day Christian Community Church. We also emphasize, however, that theology rightly understood produces in us humility and a love for our Savior Jesus Christ as well as our fellow human beings. Theology isn’t about just having all the “right” answers, but having the desire to understand God’s purpose for humanity as well as each one of us personally. We embrace the great teachings of Jesus Christ as the standard by which we are called to live our lives.


We believe that there is one God and only one God who exists in three persons – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. These three persons are one God, all being equal in power and glory.


Men and women, though created in God’s image and pronounced good as the pinnacle of creation and created for a relationship with God, turned from God and rebelled against God. Since then, from our birth we are inherently sinful; that is, we fall short of God’s perfect standard, stray from His ways and make ourselves the complete opposite of what we were designed to be. This overwhelming condition of disobedience to God (sin) is not caused by being born into a bad environment, but we create bad environments because we are born into sin.

Jesus Christ:

God, the Son, came into our world in the person of Jesus. Born of a virgin, He lived and walked among us for some thirty years, obeyed the heavenly Father perfectly, was without sin and bore God’s wrath when He died on the cross for our sins. He rose from the grave on the third day as He had promised. Jesus ascended into heaven and has complete authority over all of God’s creation and will return one day to gather His people and judge His enemies.


We are saved from the penalty of sin, which is death, by the grace of God through our faith in Jesus Christ which was completed through His death and resurrection. We can never get rid of our sin on our own or do anything to earn God’s favor because we are sinful people. God punished our guilt through Christ and declared us not guilty by covering us through the righteousness of Jesus Christ. In the words of Martin Luther, “Jesus accomplished the ‘great exchange’ by taking our sin upon Himself and covering us in His own righteousness!” We are saved by looking to Jesus Christ to save us.

Spiritual Growth and Discipleship:

After coming to Christ as our Savior, God works in our lives to make us more and more like Christ. The Holy Spirit comes to us and opens our minds to understand scripture and how they apply to our lives. The Holy Spirit moves us to respond to God’s commands in obedience out of our love for Christ and His sacrifice on our behalf. This is a life-long process which is never completed in our earthly lives, but through our growth and discipleship, we are constantly being perfected.

The Future:

At a time known only to God, Jesus will return to gather His people. The Christians who have died will physically rise and those who are still living will join them and be radically transformed. Any sin that remains in our lives at that time will be completely washed away and we will be perfectly glorious and will delight in the presence and worship of God forever.

Church Government:

Jesus Christ is the head of New Day Christian Community Church. As good stewards, we the congregation, make our decisions based on the teachings of Christ. The pastor is called and recognized by the congregation as the spiritual leader of the church and the daily operations are entrusted to the Board of Elders who are elected by the congregation. Others are called to serve in the capacity of Deacon to assist in the needs of the congregation and to assist in the worship service. We believe that each member has been endowed by the Holy Spirit with spiritual gifts and all are encouraged to use those gifts for the mission of the church.

Our Mission

New Day Christian Community Church exists to provide a diverse, open and affirming Christian community to all who desire a discipleship walk with Jesus Christ by offering challenging worship experiences, mission based service opportunities and Biblical learning so that we are empowered to reach out to others, introduce them to the love and strength of the beloved community and invite them to join the faith journey of discipleship.

Our History

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Contact Us:

For any questions regarding our ministry, services or website please email us or phone at 864.354.4455 or Email Us: info@newdayccc.com